Double-sided Glass Solar Panel

Paidar Solar’s 670watt panel or double-sided glass solar panel, as the name suggests, both sides are covered with tempered glass. And solar cells are placed on both sides of it, which is why it has a very high power in electricity production and is suitable for setting up a solar utility. This panel has an output power of 670Watt and an efficiency of 21.6%.

Solar panel cell

132 cells


Solar panel power

635-670 watts

Output power range

Solar panel efficiency

21.6 %

Maximum efficiency

Solar panel tolerance

0~+5 watts

Positive power tolerance

Technical specifications of the Paidar Solar’s 670watt solar panel:

670Watt Solar Panel
Double-sided Glass Solar Panel

The main benefits of the Paidar Solar’s 670Watt solar panel compared to other panels in the domestic and foreign markets:

Consulting services and 670watt solar panel order

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