Extrusion Die Production

The extrusion die is a thick and round steel disc that contains one or more holes to create the intended profile. The extrusion die is usually made of H-13 steel and is heat treated to withstand the pressure and heat of the hot aluminum passing through the die. The process of making these die, in terms of accuracy in the design of dimensions and quality of construction, as well as in terms of strength and longevity of the mold, plays an essential role in the quality of the produced aluminum profile, as well as reducing its total price. PaidarSolar intends to provide complete services in the field of aluminum extrusion mold design and production.

Aluminum extrusion die design

Extrusion dies are circular steel discs of a certain thickness, which have slots in their structure to produce aluminum profiles. The form of these gaps can be designed depending on the order and needs of the customers. These dies are made of steel to withstand high heat. These dies are used to produce aluminum profiles in the manufacture of solar panels. The first step in creating a template is it’s design.

By visiting in person and getting advice from the technical and engineering unit of PaidarSolar based on the type of product use, its geometric dimensions and weight, submit your extrusion mold order and leave its design and manufacture to PaidarSolar’s expert team.

Manufacturing and production of aluminum extrusion die

(Machining, Heat treatment, Polishing)

PaidarSolar aluminum extrusion mold manufacturing unit consists of tools, machines and modern devices for cutting, turning, heat treatment, finishing of parts and dies under construction. In this regard, the following equipment is used:

1- Cutting machine              2- CNC milling machine

3- Wirecut machine              4- Spark device

5- Column drill machine      6- Air milling machine and…

Leave the design and production of your extrusion die to us

PaidarSolar provides full-service in the field of Consulting Services, design, manufacturing and producing all kinds of aluminum extrusion molding. For advice on the design and manufacture of extrusion die, contact us through the contact form in the link below