Construction of Solar Utility

The sun provides an endless source of free and clean energy. Residential and industrial scale solar utilities use a large number of solar panels together to absorb solar energy and convert it into electricity. Solar utility are a suitable alternative to traditional electricity generation technologies such as coal, oil and natural gas utilities. Since 2010, the solar panel market has grown noticeably. By the end of 2018, at least 480 GW of solar electricity generation capacity has been installed worldwide. According to forecasts, by 2050, around 60% of the world’s total electricity production will be provided by solar utility.

Setting up small and large solar utility

One of the best and cleanest methods of electricity production is the use of solar utility with low construction and operating costs. Therefore, every year more solar utilities are implemented in the world. The most important component of these utilities is the solar panel.
Solar utilities can be used in small scale (Home solution) and large scale (Commercial and industrial solution). PaidarSolar as a manufacturer of solar panels in Iran , with a capability of producing equipment related to solar utilities and projects and In line with the aims of the government to build 10,000 MW of renewable utility in iran, it can build all kinds of solar utilities and add them to the country’s electricity generation network.

Construction of small solar utility (KW)

In order to achieve the goals of developing solar electricity in iran, PaidarSolar will help you to set up your own home utility. In addition to reducing the cost of electricity, using solar energy also helps to protect the environment. In addition, the government buys the produced electricity from you as a guarantee.

Residential PV systems are connected to the electricity distribution grid. These systems have the ability to store excess energy. In some applications, additional batteries or generators are often added as backup to allow stand-alone power systems to operate at night and other times with limited sunlight.

Reducing the production of greenhouse gases

One of the main Solar energy benefits is providing clean and green energy. And using solar panels is a good solution to help reduce the carbon effect in nature. Additionally, solar panels do not emit any greenhouse gases or other toxic chemicals. The use of solar energy is an important step towards slowing down global warming and preserving the environment. Moving towards green and renewable energy is more than an expense, it is an investment with long-term and permanent profitability.

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