PaidarSolar Management Team

PaidarSolar operates in the production of solar panels by taking advantage of the elite, university and young people of the country. This company uses experts from different fields in its management and consulting team. PaidarSolar Company benefits from strategic managers, human resources, marketing and IT. In addition to increasing the efficiency and productivity in the production of products, it also leads to the creation of jobs that participate in the economic and social mission.

Engineer Mansour's resume

Engineer Behrouz Mansour

Vice President and Board of Directors of PaidarSolar

Engineer Behrouz Mansour, the founder; has been a member of the board of directors and managing director of PaidarSolar Company from 2004 to 2017 for 14 years. He is also a member of the board of directors and vice chairman of the board of directors and one of the executive directors of PaidarSolar since the beginning of 2021 until now. From his executive activities before the establishment of this company, we can mention the following. Workshop supervisor of Fars Combined Cycle Power Plant for five years, workshop supervisor and project manager for the construction of the simulator building of the Ministry of Energy for two years. Superintendent of the technical building project of Zanjan to Tabriz sections seven and eight, for one year.

He has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and also a master’s degree in civil engineering, discipline of structural engineering from Tehran University which he graduated with first rank in both courses. Engineer Mansour has management ,financial and operational expertise, and since 2000, he has the engineering license of Tehran province.

Dr. Mohammad Chamani

CEO and member of the board of directors of PaidarSolar

Dr. Mohammad Chamani is the managing director of PaidarSolar Company and a member of the board of directors since 2021. He was the managing director and chairman of the board of directors of the PaidarQuality company from 2005 to 2021. From his executive activities before the establishment of PaidarSolar Company, we can mention his executive and managerial work experience since 1990 in the technical and engineering departments of casting, modeling, welding and heat treatment in textile, pressure vessels, oil and gas, petrochemical and construction industries.

His educational activities and various teaching activities in the science of welding and non-destructive testing have continued since 2000 in all different fields of the industry. Dr. Chamani holds bachelor’s degrees in materials engineering (metallurgy), IWE international welding engineer and level two expert in non-destructive testing, as well as a master’s degree  in professional  management  in the field of business, M.B.A., and a doctorate in business management, D.B.A., from Tehran University’s Faculty of Management.

Engineer Kourosh Asadzadeh

Member of the Board of Directors of PaidarSolar

Engineer Kourosh Asadzadeh is a member of the board of directors of PaidarSolar Company, he graduated in civil engineering in 1991 and in structural engineering in master’s degree in 1994 from Technical Faculty of Tehran University. He has more than 25 years of experience in designing all kinds of industrial, power plant, transportation, commercial, educational, hospital, residential and administrative structures.

Among his activities, we can mention the participation, guidance and management of the design of the largest and most important projects in the country, such as Iran Mall, Central Building of Central Bank, Islamic Republic of Iran Colleges and Kerman, Kazeron, Hormozgan and Damavand power plants. He is one of the founders, shareholders and managers of Sazeh Felez Paidar Engineering Company. who have participated in dozens of projects in the field of design, construction and installation of steel structures since 2005.