PaidarSolar Services

Since the solar panels that will be produced in the PaidarSolar company will be used for the construction and operation of the solar utilities. By using the panels produced in this company, as well as providing other required parts such as cables, transformers and inverters, the construction department of the solar utility will build various small and large scale utilities and deliver them to the operator. Also, this company provides various types of services in the field of solar energy, of which we present some examples below.

Production of Solar Panel

One of the main services of PaidarSolar Company in the field of solar energy, is the construction and production of various types of solar panels and accessories related to solar projects. Setting up a 670W and 550W solar panel production line is one of the main aims of PaidarSolar. And with the capacity to produce 1.5 million solar panels in one year, it can increase the country’s electricity production to about 800MW.

Aluminum profile production

Aluminum profile production is important as another PaidarSolar service in completing the construction cycle of solar utilities. Anodized aluminum profile is produced in PaidarSolar to be used as a solar panel frame. Also, we are able to design and produce different types of aluminum profiles based on your need. 

Production of Extrusion die

The requirement for the production of all kinds of aluminum profiles is the design and manufacture of steel extrusion dies. Which is able to make all kinds of extrusion dies by using internal experts and up-to-date devices. In order to get more information about this and to order the template, click on the link below.

Production of tempered glass

The glass on the surface of the solar cells prevents the penetration of water, dust and other environmental pollution into the cell. and also, these glasses protect the panels from foreign objects and collision of stone with the glass, and when broken, they do not spread like normal glass. These glasses are called tempered glass or safety glass. In addition, these glasses have the property of anti-reflection. 

PaidarSolar commercial services

Providing all kinds of commercial services, including import, export and customs affairs for the purpose of importing and exporting all kinds of equipment related to solar installations is another service provided by PaidarSolar. which makes investors enter this field with ease and use its countless advantages.