Tempered Glass

Safety glass, which is also called resistant glass or tempered glass, is up to six times stronger than normal glass. This type of glass is made by thermal or chemical methods. When tempered glass breaks, it shatters into small pieces instead of creating long, sharp pieces. The PaidarSolar company is able to produce anti-reflective tempered glass (glasses for solar panels) and convert your ordinary glass into safety glass.

Tempered anti-reflective glass

PaidarSolar, as a manufacturer of solar panels, has a production line of tempered anti-reflective glass. In this section, simple flute glass with a thickness of 2 to 3 mm is produced using a CNC machine, in appropriate dimensions and with the necessary drilling. The glass that has been cut is transferred to the normal glass to safety glass conversion machine and is converted into special glass for solar panels.

After tempering, the glasses are covered with a special anti-reflective layer and ready to be used in the solar panel production line. Anti-reflective tempered glass is installed on one or two sides of solar panels.

Tempering Ordinary Glasses

PaidarSolar transforms your normal glass into tempered anti-reflective glass and provides you with the best quality.  PaidarSolar is able to convert your ordinary glasses in the following dimensions and sizes into safety glass:

Dimensions of tempered glass:

Minimum glass dimensions:   550*500 mm
Maximum dimensions of glass:   1500*2500 mm
Glass thickness:  5-2 mm 

The speed of the safety glass production line is  12-5 (m/min), which of course depends on the size of the glass.

Production of Anti-Reflective Tempered Glass and Tempering of Ordinary Glasses

In order to harden your intended glasses, contact PaidarSolar experts through our contact form below. Our experts will guide you on how to provide this service.