Solar Panel Industrial Solutions

Commercial property owners are increasingly turning to solar energy as they look to cut overhead costs and save on their electricity bills. Every year, more and more businesses install solar panels on their facilities. We will guide you to research solar electricity installations for your business. Check out the commercial and industrial solutions of solar panels, the benefits of using solar energy, and a guide to investing and financing options. Also, this company provides various types of services in the field of setting up industrial solar utilities, of which we present some examples below. 

Investing in the construction of an industrial solar utility

In order to compensate for the country’s electricity production deficit (which was explained by the Deputy of Electricity and Energy of the Ministry of Energy on December 14, 2021), the Ministry of Energy announced its goals by early 2026 in order to increase the new capacity of utilities by about 35,000MW. Of which 15,000MW will be supplied by the thermal power company, 10,000MW with the cooperation of industries and 10,000MW through renewable utilities.

Therefore, considering the existence of various incentives and the guarantee of purchasing solar electricity for 20 years from the government, investing in this sector will be very profitable. For more information on how to invest in large and industrial utilities through the website of the Renewable Energy and Electricity Efficiency Organization of the country (SATBA), refer to the link below.

Construction of solar utility in any Dimensions and sizes

Large commercial utilities help energy developers incorporate solar panels and inverters into a customizable design. From rolling hills to deserts, any terrain can be customized to build a commercial solar utility.
By producing solar panels and equipment related to projects and solar utilities, PaidarSolar is ready to help you in building and setting up an industrial solar utility and producing solar electricity. To ensure maximum efficiency for your project even in the most challenging terrain.

Setting up an industrial solar utility with PaidarSolar company, from its start to completion!

PaidarSolar Company produces all kinds of products needed for the construction and operation of large industrial utilities, such as: single and double-sided glass solar panels, anodized aluminum profiles for the solar panel frame, tempered anti-reflection glass for the front and back of the solar panel, prefabricated galvanized metal parts For the installation of solar panels in projects and utilities and prefabricated concrete parts for the foundation of metal structures required for the installation of solar panels in projects and utilities, it can reduce your costs in this sector and make you needless to import these products.

Start your own solar utility!

To set up a solar power plant in your business unit or to build an industrial utility, contact us.